Changing Lives, Providing Opportunities

GGI Vision

We believe that God has called us to love Him, love others as ourselves, share the Gospel, and help those who've accepted Jesus as their Savior become disciples of Christ.  Our objective is clear and simple.  We work in areas of the world where people need help and we help them.  They need hope and we give them hope.  They need a Savior and we share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They need on-going support and we help connect them to a local church and/or provide child sponsorships for them.  We start the cycle again by partnering with the local church and reach out to the community in love.  We support pastors.  We provide Christian education so that the children not only learn and have a hope for a better future but also hear the Word of God and understand His love for them and how Jesus offers eternal life.  Please join us as we serve our Lord by serving others and building the church body.

Grace Giving changes lives and provides opportunities to children and families while being the hands and healing presence of Jesus Christ. Our programs offer children the opportunity to attend school, receive nutritious food, and be a part of a supportive and loving environment. In addition, GGI offers spiritual and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families in need. Please consider joining us as we reach out to those in need.