The Ugandan Project

With over 2 million orphans in Uganda, GGI has no shortage of opportunities to change the lives of the country's youth, adults, and families in general.

Sponsor a Child View Waiting Children

Help GGI provide a child's basic physical, educational, emotional, social and spiritual needs.  Our sponsorship program pays for the child's school fees and uniform, a nutritious meal (often their best or only meal), and experience friendship and God's love.  Sponsorship is also a benefit to the child's family life as it reduces the financial burden on the child's guardians and helps stabilize the family. To learn more about waiting children contact


Help Build Fountain of Hope Primary School and Boarding House

At the center of GGI's work in Uganda is Fountain of Hope School providing quality education, food, and a positive environment with over 1000 rural low income children.  We are currently raising funds to build permanent classrooms as required by the Ugandan government and to build a new boarding room building for students needing to live at the school.


Help Build a Church

Through our positive community support and presence with the Fountain of Hope Primary School, GGI and Fountain of Hope Ministries has eleven community churches in the surrounding villages.  You can help these churches prosper and grow by helping them purchase land, build their actual church, supply bibles, and help support the pastors with transportation and training.  So far we have supplied enough funding to build basic pole structures with tin roofs.  Help us complete their churches to protect them from the wind and rain.